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Joni Wilson, APLD

Having designed interiors for many years, Joni discovered a new medium for her design talents – the outdoors. “Design is design, no matter where & how you apply it” is a philosophy that she believes in. Basic design principles of color, texture, and space are the same whether you are working with interior or exterior design.

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Very conscious of how much space people have and use both indoors and outside permits, Joni to make use of her skills in space planning. Having an integrated solution for client projects allows the design to flow from inside out. She has combined her talents for detail inside and her love of gardening and architecture into a winning combination outside. With a BA in Interior Design, her travels around the world and a multitude of classes in Environmental Horticulture, she embarked on creating a new company, ‘Inside Out’ in 1999.

Having won numerous awards for landscape design, Inside Out has the expertise to take you to the next level in terms of functionality and style. If there was one thing that makes Inside Out stand out from the others is the attention to detail that is put into every project. From the trim used on window treatments inside to the exterior trim that is added to a shade structure, you know that your project is an outstanding creation designed for your individual taste. Feel free to contact Joni regarding any future projects.

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