Changes for Fall

It’s September already, which usually means summer is over. Sad but I always feel like I need to buy a new box of crayons and a new pair of Mary Janes to start the school year off right! That time in my life, however, is long gone. Nowadays, I’m waiting for the leaves to start turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red, creating those wonderful vistas that appear only in the next two months.

Here in our Mediterranean climate of the Central California Valley, our time is briefer for that show than other parts of the country. The Boston Creeper, which I planted five years ago should be turning a brilliant red before falling to the ground; not here, though. It goes a slight shade of yellow before dropping and covering my patio. I n Davis, we have an extended Summer. Drought tolerant perennials like salvias, nepetas and sedums will continue blooming for another 3-5 weeks. The “Firework” Pennisetums when moving in the wind and the sun hits just right, showcase that which it is known for; the brilliant pink/purple stripes that runs vertically through every leaf. Another favorite of mine, the Crape Myrtles are also busy putting on a show. These 24″ box trees were planted in July, one year ago and in their first Fall, this is the unexpected color we discovered, beautifully setting off the new “Purple Haze” Buddleias.

There’s always something to discover in your garden depending on what the weather is doing. Now is also the time to stop and buy chrysanthemums, gourds, and combinations of orange and white pumpkins to set by the front door to remind you of the Fall changes. Use stunning burgundies, deep yellows and russets colors whose colors can mix so beautifully with the many rustic planters, succulents and orbs that you can find in specialty garden stores.

Enjoy the season, no matter how you celebrate.